Teaching Philosophy

In her teaching, Suzanne dispels what she calls “Perception of Difficulty”; replacing it with a skill-set that addresses what each student perceives “difficulty” to be.

One of the reasons Suzanne feels a “calling” to teach, is because, she sees so many students waste resources and time, placing their hopes and dreams in a “method”. It is a sacred trust, placing ones voice in a teachers hands, as the voice is “who you are” and is intensely personal.

The voice is an instrument of the body. This same instrument is physically capable of singing many styles. Too often the voice is trained in pieces, dictated by style or trend.

A healthy voice is grounded in the essential fundamentals of singing. Fully prepared with a solid technique, the singer can then choose a style in which to perform.

Suzanne is able to teach her students that their voice is “the instrument” and can be adapted to the styles of Classical, Choral, Jazz, Rock or Pop, whilst keeping the voice healthy. She takes great joy in enabling her students to sing this way in order they be able to make music for a lifetime.

By taking the technical worry out of singing, a singer can be free to communicate that which makes them unique.

In a nutshell, Suzanne “sees” sound. Suzanne possesses the unique ability to instantly know what thought processes are occurring in the student and then quickly make the adjustment through sense memory skills.

Her insatiable desire to equip each student with the necessary skills to sing in whatever capacity is the hallmark of her teaching. Her students have ranged in age from 9 to 79, affording them the ability to enjoy singing professionally or for personal pleasure. Suzanne’s students consistently achieve their goals in any area of singing they choose.

The psychological aspect of performance techniques and audition techniques are also a crucial element of the vocal training process in which Suzanne excels.

Suzanne’s teachers & coaches of note, including; Martin Katz, Mary Morrison, Suzann Pratt, Glen Parker & James Craig, instilled an insatiable desire for attention to detail in language, the stylistic interpretation of every genre of composer, and in all areas of performance practice.

Suzanne believes the student is paramount and is fully committed to his or her needs.

Suzanne is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, “NATS” and her profile can be found here: Suzanne Kompass


Suzanne is a proud member of  the voice faculty of Moravian College and in April 2013 was awarded the T. Edgar Shields Prize for Distinguished Studio Instruction.

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